We are proud to boast of members who have served as officers on the National and Regional level: Ada C. Anderson, National Corresponding Secretary and Regional Director of the South Central Region; Willie Mae Kirk, Regional Secretary/Treasurer; Lillie Williams, Regional Secretary/Treasurer; Mary Lou Adams, Regional Director & Regional Secretary/Treasurer; Susan Johnson, Regional Director (2001- 2005); Catherine Lee, Legislative Chairperson; Barbara Dunn Harrington, Foundation Member-At-large; Gina Harris, Regional Nominating Committee Chair and Brenda Kennedy served as South Central Regional Director and Regional Foundation Member-At-Large. Denise Davis served as Regional Parliamentarian from 2009-2011. Brenda Kennedy served as Regional Chapter Membership and Establishment Chair from 2009-2011. Also, during the 2009-2011 program years, Jacquelyn Hawkins served as Regional Chair of Policies and Procedures and Tanisa Jeffers Bernard served as Regional Chair of Alumni Connection. Sheldy Starkes was an appointee to the National Membership Committee for 2010-2012. The Austin Chapter is proud to have two of its members, Tanisa Jeffers Bernard and Sheldy Starkes, be selected for the inaugural class of the National Leadership Academy at the 2010 National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. At Mother’s Conference 2011, Austin was elated to have two of its members elected to Regional offices. Laverne MorrisParker was elected as Regional Treasurer and Tanisa Jeffers Bernard was elected as a member of the 2011- 2013 Regional Nominating Committee. At Mother’s Conference 2013, the Austin Chapter was proud to support Tanisa Jeffers Bernard as she was elected as the 2013-2015 South Central Region Nominating Chair. At the 2014 National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Austin Chapter members LaVerne Parker served on the National Budget Committee, and member Tanisa Jeffers Bernard was appointed as the National Tellers Chair. At the 2016 National Convention in Palm Desert, CA, member Sheldy Starkes was appointed as the National Statistics Chair and member Tanisa Jeffers Bernard served on the National Nominating Committee. Sheldy Starkes also served as the 2016-2018 National Co-Chair Viva la Cuba Task Force and, Brenda Kennedy served as the 2016-2018 SCR Associates Chairman.

IPP Tanisa Bernard was appointed the 2018-present SCR Program Chairman and Brenda Kennedy as the 2018-2020 National Associates Chairman.

The first South Central Teen Conference was held in the city of Austin for one day. The following Austin teens have served as officers of the South Central Region: Lee Kirk, President; Ron Kirk, President; James D. Williams, President; Jamey L. Farrow, Vice President and Treasurer; Samuel M. Austin, III, Treasurer; Michelle Madison, Corresponding Secretary; Corby Hannah, Reporter; Michelle Adams, Parliamentarian; Yasmeen Qadim’asil, Chaplain; Daniel Black, Sgt.-At-Arms; Lana Johnson, Chaplain; Malloré Caldwell, Chaplain; and McKenzie Harris, Secretary. Pilar Caldwell served as Parliamentarian and Vice President and Justin Turner served as Historian. Paige Searles served as Regional Treasurer, Ellison Jennings as Regional Chaplain and Janetta Parker as Regional Treasurer.