National Initiatives

Early Childhood Literacy: JJOA Bedtime Stories
African-American authors read their works to two-year-olds to third graders using the latest in digital storytelling. Cradle to College Initiative: Our Children's Keeper - JJOA focuses on our communities "to seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own". Chapters partner with organizations of their communities who work with underserved youth.

Children's Defense Fund (CDF) Collaboration: Under our Legislative Advocacy
We unite with CDF's Advocacy That Works project and join our voices and our "Power to Make A Difference" with CDF's Freedom Schools program.

National Recognition Days

Tribute to Carol Robertson at Jack & Jill Day
The Austin Chapter combines Jack & Jill Day and Carol Robertson Day b hosting a large, annual chapter-wide family day of remembrance and celebration. A memorial to Carol Robertson was held at our Jack & Jill Day which was celebrated on September __, 2015. Carol Robertson was a member of the Jack & Jill family. Jack and Jill Day

Founder’s Day
The Austin Chapter celebrates Founder’s Day in January each year. Our Associates assist with the planning of the celebration. We invite past Jack & Jill members and prospective members. The chapter recognizes Associates at Founder’s Day for their contributions. The 2016 Founders’ Day Celebration was a magnificent event that honored the history of Jack & Jill of America, Inc. at the national, regional and chapter level. The south Central Region, and the Austin Chapter’s service and commitment to children was celebrated across the nation, region, and community of Austin, Texas. Founder’s Day 2016 was appropriately themed “A Celebration of History and Art” and was held at Pinot's Palette. Mothers made elegant paintings on canvas. MLK March - National Day of Service Children meet on the Huston-Tillotson University campus and participate in the MLK Festival.

National Black Family Day
National Black Family Day came about in May of 1987 when The Honorable William Gray III, Congressman from Pennsylvania, spoke with conviction when he entered a tribute to JJOA into the Congressional Record on May 5 1987 as the organization embarked upon a Black Family Day of Celebration. Activities were to focus on the needs of children worldwide with special attention to the needs of children in Africa through our partnership with Africare. Over time we have broadened our scope to focus on aspects of family and the cultural heritage of families for African Americans. Activities are planned around the family. Activities should promote the solidarity of the family by events such as: family dinners, family worship, family communication, workshops, community service to children without families or support, non-traditional families such as foster care homes, workshops on the need for black adoptions, etc. May chapters made their city governments aware of their projects and that resulted in many chapters receiving proclamations from their city or county government. Congressmen had the chapters placed inter state record for their efforts to support and strengthen black families in their areas. The Austin Chapter will celebrate Black Family Day on May   2016. This activity will be planned as a social/cultural activity and will include a day of fun at a recreational facility along with a tribute to the black family. Our Father’s Auxiliary will assist the chairman in planning Black Family Day.